Real Estate

Real Estate Lawyer Near You

Buying and selling real estate involves complex legal jargon that must be handled correctly to protect both parties from liability and risk. If not dealt with correctly, real estate disputes can be extremely costly and time-consuming. We help individuals and businesses with real estate law issues, helping them achieve efficient and effective solutions. We have the necessary skills and experience to pursue the most favorable results for our clients. If you need legal assistance with a real estate law matter, we can help.

Real Estate Contracts and Closings

When you hire us to handle a closing on your commercial or residential real estate transaction you get benefits that are not available without an attorney. The largest benefit is that if there are any problems with the contract or the target property, our lawyers have the tools and knowledge to address those issues. The most common issues that arise involve attorney modifications to the contract and issues involving inspections, repairs, financing, appraisal and title defects. Even the simplest real estate deals can involve unique legal issues. Find out the answers to your questions today by calling (815) 634-8990.

Services Offered

  • Commercial Real Estate Closings
  • Residential Real Estate Closings
  • Drafting Power of Attorney
  • Preparation of deeds
  • Review and preparation of sale and purchase agreements
  • Review and preparation of mortgages and promissory notes
  • Review and preparation of lease agreements